Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

A tradition among Texans is to take family pictures in the Bluebonnets every year. We are blessed to have so many Bluebonnets growing on our farm. I have a lot of fun taking shots of the kids.

I love the more candid photos. Often times if I just sit and watch them, I catch an amazing shot, like this one. They are the best of friends and twins in every way.


I am pretty certain that I have great subjects for my photographs. They are so patient with me and allow to photograph them many times so I can get “the” shot.

I also enjoy the beauty in the flowers.

The kids know that it is against the law to pick these flowers but since they are here on the farm, I let them pick a few. Elli thought it would be funny to stick them in my pocket so I could go to jail.

We didn’t get an opportunity this year to capture all of us together but there will be many more opportunities to come, as it is a tradition that will never die.

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