Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Trip to American Girl Doll Store

Hillarie & Pete adopted a beautiful girl named Emily. This was the first weekend we got to meet her. I wanted to make sure it was memorable for her so I decided to buy her a set of Bitty Baby boy/girl twins and Aunt Catherine wanted to get her the double stroller.

I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Hil had told me so much about her. I was so taken back by how tiny she is. She is a perfect little peanut. As soon as she arrived, we hopped in the cars and headed to the American Girl store.

2010_Sept 246

Emily is wearing one of Elli’s dress up outfits. She didn’t want to take it off, so we let her wear it to the store. She and Elli bonded very quickly.

2010_Sept 249

2010_Sept 251

Emily really has no idea where we are or what we are doing. She has no clue what is on the other side of those big doors.

2010_Sept 252

When we first walked in, she was so overwhelmed all she could do was point. We finally got her to the baby section and she found a stroller to play with. She loved pushing the stroller around the store.

2010_Sept 253

Emily played with every doll in her reach.

2010_Sept 256

Emily took all of their hats off and Elli would come behind her and put them back on.

2010_Sept 258

Here are the girls with their dolls. I asked Emily what she was going to name the girl doll and she said , “Elli.” I asked her what she was going to name the boy and she said, “Boy.” The sales lady & I both got a kick out of that. I was expecting her to say “Kai.”

2010_Sept 261

It looks like Boy is giving Emily a kiss.

2010_Sept 264

Elli got a new outfit for her doll.

2010_Sept 267

The girls with their loot bags. Notice the brown box. This was the stroller. Emily could not understand why she couldn’t have it out of the box and push it around the store. We kept telling her we had to wait to get home and put it together.

2010_Sept 268

Emily had to ride with both of her babies in her seat.

2010_Sept 269

As soon as we got home, she and Uncle Jeff put it together and afterwards, very rarely would you see Em without it!

What a great trip!