Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a 7 Year Old Boy Understands About Sex

Sometimes Daddy isn't always aware that little ears are around when he is making fun of my TV shows. And further, he isn't aware that he is making sexual innuendos that leave a lot to be interpreted.

Last night we were watching the Bachelor. This was the episode where the girl gets invited back to the suite for a sleep-over with the Bachelor. Jeff was enjoying mocking the show and when the girl opened the invitation, he mocked the Bachelor by saying “yeah, all I really wanna do is take you back to my room and jump up and down on you!” My response was “JEFF! Little ears!” Jeff replies, “he has no clue what I am talking about.” Kai says, “yes, I do, Daddy, you are talking about sex.”
Wow, can you imagine my surprise? Of course we had to ask, “what is sex?” Kai said, “they are probably going to go back to his hotel room and play Family Game Night on the Wii or Rock Band on the Xbox. But, we can’t play because our Xbox is broken right now. And when they get married and have some kids, they will play with their kids at night in their game room before they go to bed… right mom??”
All I can say is “WHEW!!!”

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