Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Lifeguard on Duty

The other night the kids had a friend over. All day and into the evening they begged me to go swimming. I had so many things to do and sitting outside and watching them swim was not on the list. They continued to beg and were just not going to give up. Finally, I told them they could swim unspervised for 45 minutes! You should have seen the looks on their faces!

It was so shocking that I would actually let them swim alone with no supervision. They are really good swimmers but I have never let them swim without an adult watching. So, this was the most exciting thing that had happened to them all summer long! Kai said, "we get to do this because we are really good swimmers now, right mom?" Elli said, "of course bubby, we did all of our lessons and mommy is proud of us now. Right, Mom?" "Absolutely," I said.

They quickly donned their suits and raced outside before I had an opportunity to change my mind. As soon as they made their way out the back door, I grabbed my camera and headed for the window by the couch in the family room. I could see them but they could not see me. I sat there and watched them while they played. It was the cutest thing. I was really amazed that they didn't try anything crazy. They had every opportunity to try all of the things that I always say no to. Instead, they were cautious and smart and careful.

A couple of days later, I showed them the pictures that I took through the window. They said "MOM! you were really watching us!!, that's no fair!" I explained that I needed to see how safe they could be. I also told them how proud I was for their behavior around the water and that I could tell they were growing up to be smart big kids. They liked that!

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