Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dinner With Miles

Jeff, Kai, Elli and I spent last Monday evening with Miles in his new apartment. Well, technically it isn't that new. He moved into his place in March but this was the first time we have all had a chance to get together. Miles may have been later than most to move out on his own but he went out in style. He spent a lot of time thinking about exactly how he wanted his apartment to look.

Miles talked a lot about the colors he would be using and I remember being so worried about everything being too dark. I suggested that he consider using accents of the colors that he spoke of rather than painting all of the walls. I was also concerned about all of the dark furniture. After seeing how his place turned out, I decided that I need to just leave him to his own decorating sense. He did a fantastic job with everything. I am so proud of him.
Contemporary is not a style I normally like, however, Miles' apartment was clean and fresh and organized. His style was very consistent throughout the apartment. Even in the bathroom. Elli noticed this picture of Albert Einstein and asked if that was "the Joker" from batman.

While we were there, Miles cooked us dinner. He made sausage and Zataran's spicey noodles, cheesey pasta & vegetables and green beans. It was really good. Kai & Elli even liked it. They think Miles is so cool, anyway.

After dinner, Miles did the dishes. It was very interesting to observing him in his own place. He seemed proud and happy. I liked watching him and I was very proud.

Miles is very neat and orderly. He always has been. I would have to tell him to clean his room when he was little, but as he got older, his room was always tidey. It did stink, though. I think he was hiding old socks somewhere. Jeff and I always said Miles had his own smell and it permiated throughout his bedroom and some time crept into the hallway.

The apartment, however, smelled very good. You could tell he was very methodical to the placement of his items. There wasn't a speck of dust or a piece of clutter anywhere.
The bed was made up with a black comforter. He had a small entertainment center and some workout equipment strategically placed off to the side. He has been working out a lot and taking supplements and I could tell his arms were significanly bigger.

Looking around the room, I noted his entertainment center and it made me giggle. Of all of the items he had carefully found a spot for, he had neglected to hid his socks & drawers!

I realized then that he did not have a dresser. I guess this is as good of a spot as any to store your underwear and it makes good use of the extra shelves inside the entertainment center.
Also, in the room was his closet. He has a pretty big area to hang his clothes and still have room for extra storage. His clothes were neatly hung across the racks. And then, on the shelves were my first grandchildren, Bill and Peaches.
Bill is a Bearded Dragon and Peaches is an Albino Python. I am still too young for human, grand children, right? So, I am happy to have Bill and Peaches as my first.
The play pens are side by side on the shelf in the closet. Bill has issues when he sees Peaches and throws some very odd tantrums. So, Miles put a book between their aquariums.

A little while after dinner Bill came out to play. It was odd, I must admit to have this lizard running around the living room on the back of the couch. Miles treats him like a puppy and he has full reign of the place. Bill sat with each of us for a minute before moving on to the next person.

Here are each one of us holding Bill. The Kai and Elli were a little unsure at first, but it wasn't long before they warmed up to the idea of holding him.

Bill got a little tired from all of the excitement so he turned in early. Jeff and I got a nice surprise in the Miles thought it would be fun for Kai and Elli to have a sleep over. Kai and Elli were so excited to be able to stay at Miles' apartment without Mom & Dad hanging around, so they urshed us out relatively quicky.
We are very proud of Miles and his new place. The pictures really don't do his apartment justice!

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