Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Dancing Ballerina

Elli had her first ever, dance recital on June 20th. She performed two dances. One was a jazz routine and the other was ballet. Here we are in the bathroom after changing for the second dance. She told me she was not nervous because she already did the dance in rehearsal. Boy, how dumb of me for asking the question!

We were so proud of her. She started the dance season a little late and had to do a lot of catching up. Her classes were every monday for an hour and a half. She practiced Jazz, Ballet & Tap.

Her friend from school & the neighborhood, Maddie aka Elli's "BFF", was also in her class. Here is a picture of Maycee (Maddie's little sister), Elli & Maddie.

We had some difficulty obtaining tickets for the recital due to a problem at the dance studio, but it all worked out in the end. Carissa & Zane made it in from Louisanna. Grandpa Charley came from Olney, TX. Aunt Catherine made it up from Waco, TX. And Hilari & Destiny came from Frisco, TX.
The recital was very nice. All of the girls danced beautifully. After the dance, we all went to eat at Nate's with our Maddie & Maycee's family.

We presented Elli with flowers and a Fancy Nancy doll. She had no idea she was going to be getting gifts so that was a nice surprise for her. She loved the flowers and put them in water as soon as we got home.
We talked about the fact that dance was over until the fall and she was disappointed to learn that. We may take classes in the summer so that we can try out some new studios. I was not at all pleased with the studio she attended. I cannot stand disorganization. This studio was clearly unorganized and it almost prevented our family from being able to attend a very important event.
Pictured here is Carissa with Elli and another of Elli with Kai. Kai was so supportive. With all of the gifts and attention Elli and the other girls were getting, he never once complained or asked what he would be getting. I was so proud of him.

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